Dream World (full album, download)
Dream World (full album, download)
Dream World (full album, download)
Dream World (full album, download)

Dream World (full album, download)

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Listen to "Dream World" now, help us protect the oceans!

Ámaris' album Dream World is now available as download (released June 19th). Donate now and receive it in exclusive high quality, 24bit format.

For every album sold as a download, we will donate $ 1 (our profit) towards the protection of our oceans! When you listen to the album, each download counts and helps the oceans!

"Fascinating combo of R&B, neo-soul, pop, and electronica (...) In the past, Ámaris has been compared to a Halsey-like mix of electronica and pop, but Dream World adds a new dimension to her sound." - Independent Artist Buzz

"The album is a wonderful blend of soul and R&B structures, draped in dream-pop textures and far-flung futuristic electronica.” – Dancing about Architecture

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When you donate, you will receive:

- 10 songs

- high quality, 24bit songs

- digital booklet (exclusive)

Price: $ 10 (donation)


Listen to "Dream World" now and help protect the oceans!

"Thank you for helping us!"


Track list:

1. No Signal

2. Stardust

3. Without You

4. Too Sad (explicit)

5. Dream World

6. Never Wanna Give You Up (explicit)

7. Sunsets (feat. Rui Fú)

8. Perception

9. Love You Again

10. Forward


How does this work?

Once your order is processed you will receive an email. Once we have received your donation, we will send a download link to you via email. This can take up to 1-2 business days currently, but normally it should be on the same day!

Parental advisory: This album contains explicit lyrics.

Genre(s): R&B, neo-soul, electronic, pop, future bass.