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"Fascinating combo of R&B, neo-soul, pop, and electronica (...) In the past, Ámaris has been compared to a Halsey-like mix of electronica and pop, but Dream World adds a new dimension to her sound." - Independent Artist Buzz

Multi-talented 27-year old London artist Ámaris Wen releases the album ‘Dream World’, to share her topical message about how we can embrace new beginnings and be anything we want, a record she produced by working with people remotely, not only for her music videos but the entire album, which will be available June 19th.

The recording artist and producer says, ‘Dream World is about new beginnings, about letting go. Songs that comfort you with a bit of escapism.’

Genre: R&B, Neo-Soul, Pop, Electronica

Dream World, of which the singles "No Signal" and "Stardust" had already been  released earlier this year, is an album that was recorded during the lockdown, and the music videos "were filmed remotely working with several people", Ámaris says.

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